Partnership support for departments with low student satisfaction


  • Jenny Marie UCL
  • Fumika Azuma UCL


UCL ChangeMakers’s support for departments with poor student satisfaction ties student partnership work for educational enhancement into institutional quality assurance mechanisms.  It began in 2015, with students collaborating with the 20 departments with the lowest overall student satisfaction scores in the National Student Survey (NSS)[i] to enhance their assessment and feedback practices. It resulted in an increase of 5.2% in the NSS scores for assessment and feedback in those departments, compared to 3% for UCL as a whole. Students who participated had a positive experience, despite working in an environment where departments were required to participate.

[i] The National Student Survey (NSS) is completed by final year undergraduates at all publicly funded Higher Education Institutions in the United Kingdom about their experience of their course. Results are publicly available; they influence league tables and may in the future influence the level of fees an institution can charge its students.


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Author Biographies

Jenny Marie, UCL

Jenny Marie has directed UCL ChangeMakers since 2015 and has over 10 years’ experience as an academic developer.

Fumika Azuma, UCL

Fumika Azuma is a student academic representative for Geography and has participated in a number of UCL ChangeMakers activities.





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