My Covid-19 Experience


  • Mya Taylor Sheffield Hallam


The Covid – 19 pandemic changed a lot for me over the past year, there has been  many life some changes for the good, others not so much. My personal academic experience at Sheffield Hallam University throughout the pandemic will be discussed in this paper. I never planned to cut my degree in the USA short, I was attending university in Texas on a sport scholarship for running, however in terms of my mental health and running having to leave the USA because of the pandemic had a positive impact on me. Starting undergraduate Psychology at university in year one again was demoralising, however it has been so different to university in America and even online I have found classes so much more informative and tutors easy to engage with. I joined the psychology peer advisor team and put my prior experience at university to good use, I already made the typical student mistakes so wanted to be able to help others struggling with juggling social life and university work. I feel like the zoom classes were great as it let you engage with students similar to you easier, for example those who had camera’s and microphones on in the seminars were very like-minded to myself and confident, so we instantly became friends. For many people the pandemic has had a mainly negative impact, with many students not happy about the university experience, for me it’s been a bit of a saving grace and let me get on the right track with my life again.  


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